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I'm getting the above error since yesterday, after trying out Google BigQuery with JasperReports Server. I couldn't find any info on this, since the first 100GB should be free and the BigQuery Access Report is saying:

BigQuery Resource Usage for API Project Data Analysis Jan 31, 2013 – Feb 27, 2013

Data Processed Per Day 0 MB Peak 0.00 MB Average

I haven't reached the free query/user/day limit either: API Per-User Limit Used Billable Limit Courtesy Limit
BigQuery API 5.0 requests/second/user
0% 200,000 requests/day 10,000 requests/day


Traffic Reports for API Project Total requests 935 Requests/day 856 peak 33.39 average

Start Date Jan 31, 2013

Sample Period 28 days

I'm trying to use the natality sample data in a project for my university and it's pretty urgent. It was working fine for a day or so. The queries are made by the JasperSoft BigQuery Connector ( using an Ad-hoc-View (based on a JasperReport as Topic).

I am using the following statement:

    STRING($P!{dimension1}) as dimension_1,
    STRING($P!{dimension2}) as dimension_2,
    SUM(record_weight)  as count_group,
    AVG(weight_pounds)  as avg_weight_pounds,
    AVG(apgar_1min) as apgar_1min,
    AVG(apgar_5min) as apgar_5min
FROM publicdata:samples.natality
    year >= $P!{year_first}
    AND year <= $P!{year_last}
GROUP BY dimension_1, dimension_2
ORDER BY dimension_1, dimension_2

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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What is your project ID? If you include that we can look up your project history. – Jordan Tigani Feb 27 '13 at 22:48
The project ID should be 793058927795. Thanks! – MisterXtm Feb 27 '13 at 23:15
Our logs have you doing 125GB of processing in the last 30 days. If it isn't being reported correctly in the developer console that sounds like a bug. I'll investigate. – Jordan Tigani Feb 27 '13 at 23:52
Since it sounds like this is a university project, and your usage isn't being represented correctly, I've reset your quota. You should have the full 100GB left. If you need more, please enable billing. – Jordan Tigani Feb 27 '13 at 23:54
Thank you for your answer and for the quota reset!! There must be a problem with the reporting, since I just get 0 GB traffic shown. Nevertheless, I still don't know how I could have made that much processing with that only some selected fields, restricted periods of time & about 20-30 queries in total. – MisterXtm Feb 28 '13 at 0:21

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Summarising the comments above and below for anyone else's benefit:

  • The quota for your usage doesn't show up in the developer console if you don't enable billing.
  • Looking at the reports page will show 0GB used if you don't enable billing.
  • Unless you enable billing, you have a limit of 100GB to query per month.
  • Enabling billing will enable you to query more than 100GB of data.
  • The BigQuery team are working on a fix for the reports page not including queries on data when you haven't enabled billing
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There are some issues with the proposed answer in my opinion: not only queries on 'publicdata' will not show in the traffic reports, but all traffic, that is not billed. So all free, unbilled traffic won't be reported. The 100GB quota is a monthly, not a daily quota. – MisterXtm Mar 1 '13 at 10:06
I'd change this slightly: the problem is that when you don't enable billing, your usage doesn't show up in the developer console. We're working on a fix for this. It isn't related to the querying of public datasaets. If you enable billing and query public datasets, your usage will show up. – Jordan Tigani Mar 1 '13 at 18:28

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