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Is it possible to change the screen position when clicking an anchor link? By default when clicking an anchor link it shifts screen so that the anchor is at the very top of the screen. I would like it to shift, but I don't want to shift it all the way to top of screen, I want there to be some space from the top, maybe say 50px from the top.


<a href="#section1">section 1</a>
<a href="#section2">section 2</a>


<div id="text">
    <div id="section1">text text text</div>
    <div id="section2">text text text</div>


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JavaScript is not required. This will do what you want I suspect.

This solution allows you to place the anchors where you want to have the screen scroll to a position offset from the anchor specified in the CSS rule for the class adjusted-anchor.


  .anchor-container {

  .adjusted-anchor {
     top: -150px;


<a href="#anchor">CONTINUED BELOW</a>


<div class="anchor-container"><div name="anchor" class="adjusted-anchor"></div></div>
<div>...continued from above</div>

The offset is fixed so if your content re-flows when the screen is resized you would have to work with percentages or JavaScript to respond to the browser resizing.

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there won't be a way to do it with pure html - you'll get different results in different browsers.

have a look into javascript's window.scrollTo()

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