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I'm looking for a WPF Gradient Picker example and source code.

The goal is to allow the user of a WPF application to pick the gradient brush to use for a background or foreground. I've seen pickers in Blend (too confusing for a casual user) and Photo Shop. I'm looking for a WPF implementation of something along the line of the Photo Shop picker implemented as a WPF dialog box.

Any pointers to good examples much appreciated.


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Found it, this one too on the CodeProject: .Net Protoshop-like gradient picker. Enjoy ;)

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Random gradient wallpaper generator. closest thing I could find... unfortunately it only has four possible gradient stops, one in each corner... worth looking at the code perhaps, and getting a few tips...

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Thanks. This code may be something that can serve as a starting point. – Chasler Oct 20 '09 at 16:15

It seems like something that would be pretty easy to code, in terms of a custom control.

Just have a canvas that you change the background of, with some other controls for changing the colour and the stop points.

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