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Hi i am trying to randomly select between 3 pictures 'BCloud1.png, BCloud2.png, BCloud3.png' what is the best way to do this, i did try to add a math.random(1, 3); like : star4.imgpath = "BCloud .. math.random(1, 3); .. .png";

but that's not working

-- select randomly between BCloud1.png, BCloud2.png, BCloud3.png

    local star4 = {}
    star4.imgpath = "BCloud1.png";
    star4.movementSpeed = 16000;
    table.insert(starTable, star4); 

any easy fix for this problem ?

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Your statement has a little syntactical error. It should be:

star4.imgpath = "BCloud"..tostring(math.random(1, 3))..".png";
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Create a function that does the generation and insertion of the star. Let's call it myFunc(). Then, add a timer.performWithDelay( 2000, myFunc ) –  hjpotter92 Feb 27 '13 at 21:52

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