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I'm trying out Django for the first time, and I'm trying to follow the tutorial provided by the django team.

After I've created a new project I get the following folder/file structure, just as the tutorial says I should:


When I create an app I run:

python startapp polls

...which creates the app 'polls' in the same folder as the file - which gives me:


This means the app I created gets created outside my project folder, which, of course, should not be the case. I have tried to move inside the project folder. But when I do that and run:

python syncdb

...I get the following error:

raise ImportError("Could not import settings '%s' (Is it on sys.path?): %s" %     (self.SETTINGS_MODULE, e))
ImportError: Could not import settings 'testproject.settings' (Is it on sys.path?): No     module named testproject.settings

I guess I could move the app manually to the project folder, but this is something I shouldn't have to do.

So, either something is wrong in the tutorial (which I have very hard to believe), or I'm missing something out here (more likely).

Thanks in advance.

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Is the site structure you posted the actual structure, or an example? – Jack Shedd Feb 27 '13 at 21:43
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This is the new proper layout. "mysite/mysite" is an app, and "mysite/polls" is an app. The "mysite" parent folder is your project folder.

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Whether it's correct or not, Django's not finding his settings file. That's indicative of something being wrong somewhere. – Jack Shedd Feb 27 '13 at 21:44
he said it can't find it after he moved into mysite/mysite. – katy lavallee Feb 27 '13 at 21:45
Ok, now I understand. Got really confused there for awhile. Thanks! – holyredbeard Feb 27 '13 at 21:50
For some additional details see the Docs here (the layout changed in version 1.5):… – freb Jun 26 '13 at 0:10

@holyredbeard that is the correct layout are you reading the older documentation?

Useful reading:

Don't move the it should sit outside the apps and the project folder.

since 1.4 common layout example...

       static_root/ (in production)
       templates/some_app/foo.html (overriding some_app at project level)
                (overriding admin changelist for some_app.models.some_model)
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This is the official layout since version 1.4.

The rationale behind is explained well in the release notes:

Do not move In general you can expect that Django's own scripts always do the right thing, you never need to move any files just to get it working.

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