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I'm having my first adventure into webdev and css and I managed to get some changed to happen.

I'm having a problem trying to recognise the element I need to change.

I am trying to change the color of a item in my menu to red with the following CSS code:

#menu.sub:link {color:#db153a;}
#menu.sub:visited {color:#db153a;}
#menu.sub:hover {color:#db153a;}
#menu.sub:active {color:#db153a;}
#menu.sub.current {color:#db153a;}

#catalogue .sub:link {color:#db153a;}
#catalogue .sub:visited {color:#db153a;}
#catalogue .sub:hover {color:#db153a;}
#catalogue .sub:active {color:#db153a;}
#catalogue .sub.current {color:#db153a;}

It seems I am using the wrong elements since the color has not changed. I cannot understand where I've gone wrong.

Here is a firebug screen shot of what I'm attempting to change :

enter image description here

Many Thanks, -Code

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Can you post the HTML markup for the menu? Images arent very helpful. –  prodigitalson Feb 27 '13 at 21:53
At first glance your code looks right. However you need to find the style in firebug and either match the CSS declaration exactly or make one more specific, ie. from a level higher up. like the content container, html, body etc. But work at the lowest level you can unless making global changes. –  Leeish Feb 27 '13 at 21:53
you have menu listed by Id in your css, but in the dom menu is a class. also, there is a background image assigned which will overrule any color you set, unless youre using a gradient. hard to tell without seeng more. –  Rooster Feb 27 '13 at 21:55

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I think however you need

#menu a.sub:link {color: #db153a;} 
#menu .sub:link {color: #db153a;} //Might work. Note the space. .sub is a class of the anchor not the menu

For the catalog one. I can't see the full HTML in your firebug screen shot to help you. However in the style list in firebug I see

#catalogue a:link

So you would need to make sure you have the a I think.

#catalogue a.sub:link

Assuming of course there is an anchor in your catalogue div.

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