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So right now I have my main activity with several buttons (one being "About"). The way I handled changing the screen to display about info, is by adding this an onClickListener:

Intent myIntent = new Intent(v.getContext(), About.class);
startActivityForResult(myIntent, 0); then sets the content view to a different layout that includes a back button. The back button is handled in the same way as described about and leads back to the main activity.

The thing I noticed though is that when I run the app and click "about", then "back", It will be running 2 main activities and 1 about activity. So is there a better method to handle menus like this, or can I just add something to Intent code to make it close the current activity before proceeding to the next?

Edit: Oh wow, thanks guy, I didn't even think about that. I'm a little sleep deprived right now.

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note related to your question but, I guess there is no need for you to call startActivityForResult() since your About activity won't generate any results. so you can use startActivity() insted – Kirill Kulakov Feb 27 '13 at 22:10
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You shouldn't launch a new activity to return to your previous one. You simply call finish(); on your about activity when you click the back button to return to the previous activity on the backstack..

Or, you could do it the "Android way" and not put a back button in, not worry about calling finish(), and just allow the user to press the back button on their phone (all Android phones have them) to return to the previous activity.

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You can call finish() on the MainActivity and then create a new MainActivity from an Intent inside the About class. But a better way might just be to not finish() your MainActivity and just finish() your about class. This will take you to your previous MainActivity that you already have running. Also, this will allow you to call About from other activities if you wish and return to wherever you called it from

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