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I am upgrading a Silverlight 4 application to Silverlight 5. I ran the application after changing the Target Silverlight Version to Silverlight 5 (Visual Studio 2010) and received the following error before the application loaded:

Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application Code: 2110
Category: InitializeError

I was unable to track down the issue using the visual studio debugger so I thought it might be an issue with the references. I noticed most of the core libraries were now pointing to the Silverlight/v5.0 directories in the Microsoft/Framework directories but the Toolkit libraries were not upgraded. I downloaded the May 2012 release of the toolkit and manually upgraded all those libraries but still received the error. So I created a new Silverlight 5 project and began adding the libraries incrementally. That application then threw that error when I added references to the Silverlight Toolkit. How can I solve this problem?

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In the middle of writing my question I decided to try nuget to install the toolkit and the error has now been resolved. I am leaving the question because I spent a few hours working on it and there is not much information regarding error code 2110 for Silverlight. I did notice that nuget installs version of the toolkit libraries and the May 2012 toolkit shows version so that may be the issue.

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