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I want to have a custom format, :results so I can do a call in my views.

If I put my custom format in an initializer then it works:

Time::DATE_FORMATS[:results] = "%D"

However if I try and put that in my en.yml file then it does not work (as in it will not format it as expected):

    # See also config/initializers/time_formats.rb for lambda based configs
      results: '%D'
      default: '%m/%d/%Y"'
      results: '%D'

Everything I read suggests that this should work. What am I missing?

EDIT: This is basically a duplicate of Rails not picking up custom date & time formats in en.yml So I guess the question is how can I set the defaults in yml rather than an initialize (it is easier to manage). Is there a built in way, or do I need to manually load the yaml file and set the Time::DATE_FORMAT hash myself?

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What do you get when you use that format? –  Matt Humphrey Feb 27 '13 at 23:13

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The answer is in Rails not picking up custom date & time formats in en.yml

The second way you mentioned is using I18n (internationalization) which means to use it you hace to call it.

In your views you can do

<%= l, format: :result %> 
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