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How can I create a query at runtime using ibatis (Java)? I want the table name to be dynamic. For example I have this xml file:

<resultMap id="result" class="Contact">
    <result property="id" column="id"/>
    <result property="firstName" column="firstName"/>
    <result property="lastName" column="lastName"/>
    <result property="email" column="email"/>

<select id="getById" resultMap="result">
         select * from contact where id=#id#

Here the id is dynamic since it is passed as a parameter. But how can I make the table name dynamic? I want to select from table contact, contact1, contact2.... but i will now the table name until runtime.

I know you can create the query at runtime with ibatis 3.0 is it possible to do it with ibatis 2.3.4?

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I have found you can achieve this.

    <select id="getRighe"
select * from
where IDUser = #IDUser#

Java code:

param.put("IDUser", IDUser);
param.put("tablePrefix", "NAG");
utente = (Riga)getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryForObject("getRighe", param);
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Thanks for answering your own question, it helped me. –  Eric Wilson May 25 '11 at 17:10

Creating full query with iBatis3 (not only table name):

private void createSelect(String statementId, String sql, Class<?> resultType) {
    Configuration ibatisConfig = session.getConfiguration();
    SqlSource sqlSource = new SqlSourceBuilder(ibatisConfig).parse(sql, Map.class);
    Builder statement = new MappedStatement.Builder(ibatisConfig, statementId, sqlSource, SqlCommandType.SELECT);
    List<ResultMapping> resultMapList = new ArrayList<ResultMapping>();
    ResultMap resultMap = new ResultMap.Builder(ibatisConfig, statementId, resultType, resultMapList, true).build();
    List<ResultMap> resultMaps = new ArrayList<ResultMap>();

To execute it:

private List<Object> executeSelect(String sqliteStatementId, Map<String, Object> params) {
        return session.selectList(sqliteStatementId, params);
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