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Good day, am pretty new to Windows Phone development. i am in process of prototyping an app for the windows phone so i need to know what i can/can't do or how close i can get to that kind of functionality. My question is, is there a way you can have a custom QuickAction or ContextMenu dialog when a button is pressed, in windows phone, just like you have in android.


anything like this possible or how best can i get a popup with images? Please any link to point me in the right direction would be highly appreciated. Thank you

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Radial Menu from Syncfusion Windows Phone toolkit, can serve as a quick context menu. It displays a hierarchical menu in a circular layout optimized for touch devices.


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What you probably want to look into is using the Windows Phone Toolkit's ContextMenu class.

This will allow you to implement a Context Menu like: Context Menu example

Have a read of http://windowsphonegeek.com/articles/wp7-contextmenu-in-depth--part1-key-concepts-and-api which should get you going!

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