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I'm trying to write a program where a doctor sees only 5 patients and then the program ends. Right now it's not ending and it keeps asking for the next patient. Ignore the else in the doctor-driver-loop procedure. I add one to count in that procedure but I guess it keeps going back to zero every time. How do I fix this?

(define count 0)

(define (new-patient counter)
  (if (= counter 5) (write-line 'doctor has seen 5 patients today so the day is now over)
    (visit-doctor (ask-patient-name))))

(define (doctor-driver-loop name earlier-responses)
 (write '**)
  (let ((user-response (read)))
   (cond ((equal? user-response '(goodbye))
         (write-line (list 'goodbye name))
         (write-line '(see you next week))
         (new-patient (+ 1 count)))
      (else (write-line (reply (responses-list earlier-responses user-response) user-response))
            (doctor-driver-loop name (responses-list earlier-responses user-response))))))

(define (visit-doctor name)
  (write-line (list 'hello name))
  (write-line '(what seems to be the trouble?))
  (doctor-driver-loop name initial-earlier-response))
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You're never updating count, so every time you call new-patient you're passing 1 as the argument. doctor-driver-loop should take the count as an argument, and pass (+ 1 count) when it recurses. –  Barmar Feb 28 '13 at 0:38

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Try replacing this line:

(new-patient (+ 1 count))

With these two lines:

(set! count (+ 1 count))
(new-patient count)

In your current code, count will always have a value of zero for each iteration of doctor-driver-loop, because its value was never updated - the (+ 1 count) part adds one to count without changing count, and the next time doctor-driver-loop get called, count will be zero again.

Be aware that this is a quick fix, but not the ideal solution. For starters, count should not be defined as a global variable, instead it should be a parameter to the driver loop that gets passed with an initial value of zero and incremented when calling new-patient with each patient that gets processed.

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is there a way to keep a count without set! ? –  user2036340 Feb 28 '13 at 1:14
@user2036340 yes, pass it as a parameter from the beginning, as I suggested above. Don't declare it as a global define, start from deleting (define count 0) and work from there. –  Óscar López Feb 28 '13 at 1:18
I followed what you said - deleted the defined count, added count as a parameter to the doctor-driver-loop, and put 0 in the visit-doctor when it's calling doctor-driver-loop. The problem is that visit-doctor is being called every time there is a new patient so 0 is always being passed to the doctor-driver-loop –  user2036340 Feb 28 '13 at 1:49
No, don't pass 0 every time, just the first time yo call doctor-driver-loop. From that point on, pass around count, and update it when needed. It's hard to explain without looking at the complete code, but it's better this way - so you can figure it out by yourself. –  Óscar López Feb 28 '13 at 1:55
There just doesn't seem to be a spot where i can set it only once...where would that be since I am calling doctor-driver-loop from visit-doctor which gets called from new-patient... –  user2036340 Feb 28 '13 at 2:16

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