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I am working on a project with open cart and I am quite perplexed. My problem is that when I add the upsell to the 'confirm order' button right after a user enters the payment method information (CC details, PO info, etc) and clicks 'confirm order', I can't find a way to add the new product if wanted by the user. I have tried modifying the catalog/checkout controllers to add the new products, but I can only get a list of the older products. I added the $data variables to a session and retrieved this in the payment/x controller. However, when I run


and overwrite the


variable I still only get the original products and not the product that successfully added to the cart when 'confirm order' was clicked. I tried to


and then apply

$data['products'] = $product_data;

just incase, but the newly added product is not listed there. Is there a workable method to get the newly added product and then create an order to be processed before going onto the payment processing? I can get all the details and an order id using the session I created. When I do the next code below, it does not find the product that was added after the route checkout/checkout was visited.


in the payment method and I also set

$this->session->data['order_id']; to $order_id. 

However, this is not useful because it still only accepts the original products that were intended for the checkout instead of the newly added one after the payment was confirmed but not yet processed.

If I am going about this the wrong way, are there any other suggestions that could increase upsell potential?

I would greatly appreciate any help that anybody may have, anything that could be useful please let me know. This is a very important step for me to take.

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I should also mention that $data = $_SESSION['data']; Which is equal to the data from catalog/controller/checkout/confirm.php which is sent to $this->model_checkout_order->addOrder($data); usually. Also $order_id is set to the result of $this->model_checkout_order->addOrder($data); – user2117725 Feb 28 '13 at 1:17

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