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In JavaScript, the || operator will return the first non-false-evaluating operand. For example:

var x = null;
var y = "yup";
var z = x || y; // z is now "yup"

Is there an Objective-C equivalent for this?

For example:

NSString *x = nil;
NSString *y = @"yup";
NSString *z = x ... y; // z should now be @"yup", if "..." were an operator

Please Note: The '||' does short-circuit in JavaScript

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There's a compiler extension to C (and therefore ObjC) that does what you want:

z = x ?: y;

(for a standard C/ObjC version: z = x ? x : y)

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Yes, THANKS! It even does short circuit... Thus the following code: int x = 1, y = 10, z = (++x) ?: (++y); // x is now 2, y is 10, z is 2 –  John Fowler Feb 28 '13 at 17:25

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