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Goal: I have some existing content (a lot of text and multiple pages) that I'm updating to hide/segment in a dynamic jQuery slider (creator's demo page & code here). However, the content is full of internal links in various locations, that I don't want to have to update individually.

Solution possibilities I came up with: (a) create jQuery to automatically detect which slider div the anchor is inside of, and automatically open that, or (b) if the URL contains a hash tag, trigger the openAll function to open all the sliders, and then after that, scroll to the anchor location.

Issues: I'm new to this. I went with option B and think my code has the right idea, but it breaks the page. Ideas?

var hash = location.hash.replace('#', '');
function hashload {
if(window.location.hash) {
    $('html, body').animate({
    scrollTop: $('#'+hash).offset().top}, 'fast');}}

Relevant resources that might have the key to it all (aka what I was basing this on...): Link to an anchor within JQuery tabbed content (and the accompanying solution here: http://jsfiddle.net/TGMDd/65/)

don't execute script if url contains # ...and: Getting URL hash location, and using it in jQuery

JQuery scroll to anchor on click?

Many thanks for your time!

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Assuming that $('.collapsible').openAll(); works, try removing this line:

  1. It does not appear to be doing anything valid.
  2. The selectors are incorrect.

it should look something like:

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