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I use a button to callback a function foo:

def foo(value):
  print value 
root = Tk()
text = Text(root)
remap_button = Tk.Button(root, text = 'Remap', command = lambda: foo(val))

How can I print the output of foo into a text in Tkinter,python?

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If you mean you're looking for the function to add stuff to a Text widget:

def foo(value):
    text.insert(END, value)

If you're trying use print and want to redirect its output from stdout to a widget, well, that's not how it works :P

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Well, you can reset sys.stdout to be a StringIO buffer and then read that back into a text widget ... But, It's probably not the cleanest solution. –  mgilson Feb 28 '13 at 3:18

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