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i want to get the next first line followed by the string "published". here is my code:

Dim builder As New StringBuilder()
Dim reader As New StringReader(txtOCR.Text)
While True
    Dim line As String = reader.ReadLine()
    If line Is Nothing Then Exit While
    If Not line.ToLower().Contains("published") Then
    End If
End While
txtOCR.Text = builder.ToString()

this code gets all the lines followed by the string "published" but i only want to get the next first line..

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It's unclear whether you want the first line after the word "published" is found, or the line that comes immediately before the word "published" is found. Or do you want the first line that contains the word "published"? – Jim Mischel Feb 28 '13 at 3:45
i want the line found after the word "published" sir.. – user2107624 Feb 28 '13 at 3:48
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If you want the line that comes after the line that contains the word "published":

Dim found as Boolean = False
Dim line as String = reader.ReadLine()
While Not line is Nothing
    If Found Then
        Exit While
    End If
    If line.ToLower().Contains("published") Then
        Found = True
    End If
    line = reader.ReadLine()
End While

Please excuse any syntax errors. I'm not real fluent in VB.

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thank you very much! :) – user2107624 Feb 28 '13 at 5:17

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