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I'm trying to draw a rectangle in Flash when the mouse is held down.

Here is what I have for my code in the flash file:


var color:Number;

function startDrawing(e:MouseEvent):void
    stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, makeShapes);
    color = Math.random() * 0xFFFFFF;
function stopDrawing(e:MouseEvent):void
    stage.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, makeShapes);

function makeShapes(e:MouseEvent):void
    var rectangle:Rectangle = new Rectangle(10,10,color);
    rectangle.x = mouseX;
    rectangle.y = mouseY;

Here is what I have in my actionscript 3.0 class:

package  {

    import flash.display.MovieClip; 

    public class Rectangle extends MovieClip {

        public function Rectangle(w:Number=40,h:Number=40,color:Number=0xff0000) {


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You might want to be careful with your code, there is already a class called Rectangle in the package flash.geom. – Marty Feb 28 '13 at 3:49

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All I needed to change was the code for the actionscript value

I changed this:


to this:

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