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How would one, via xpath, select the strong tag after baz text for example?

<br>foo<strong>this foo</strong>

<br>bar<strong>this bar</strong>

<br>baz<strong>this baz</strong>

<br>qux<strong>this qux</strong></p>

Obviously the following does not work....

//p[text() = 'baz']/following-sibling::select[1]
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Try this

//p/text()[. = 'baz']/following-sibling::strong[1]

Demo here - http://www.xpathtester.com/obj/b67bad4d-4d38-4e2d-a3df-b7e5a2e9f286

This solution relies on no whitespace around your text nodes. You will need to switch to using the following if you start using indentation or other whitespace characters

//p/text()[normalize-space(.) = 'baz']/following-sibling::strong[1]
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Thanks Phil!...used the normalize-space method on another example, but doesn't seem to be taking. xpathtester.com/saved/d9217787-8c73-48c9-8558-6a63c93918a4 Any suggestions? added a 'space' and 'colon' –  Ryan Schultz Feb 28 '13 at 5:56
kinda answered my own question with this: xpathtester.com/saved/ca13e542-c02d-4aeb-aa6f-c59d4c267b24 I removed the space. However, the xpath engine i'm using, doesn't recognize the 'normalize-space' method. So looks like i'm sunk anyway. Thanks though! –  Ryan Schultz Feb 28 '13 at 6:14
@RyanSchultz Could always use contains() instead –  Phil Feb 28 '13 at 8:54
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