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Been struggling with this for a few hours now. I have an imagemap and I am using the jQuery Maphilight plugin to highlight the different areas of an image map.

The plugin is working fine but i couldn't find a way to un-highlight the active areas. I tried clearing the canvas.


<img src="someImage" usemap="#levelMap" id="floorplan" />
<map name="levelMap">
  <area id="area1" shape="poly" coords="316,56,334,56">
  <area id="area2" shape="poly" coords="460,84,537,85">



This highlights the first area as expected. Now, i am listening for a custom event which tells that the second area is the active one and not the first. At this point,

$('area').removeAttr('data-maphilight'); // Remove the attribute from all area elements.
$('area').eq(1).attr('data-maphilight','{"fillColor":"000000","alwaysOn":true}' // Add attribute for the next area.
$('#floorplate').maphilight(); // Call the plugin again to execute on the latest active area.

Doing the above highlights the new area but doesn't remove the old one even though it doesn't have the maphilight attribute. I even tried removing the entire 'map' element and adding it back again but the plugin seems to save the state.

So, the final output i need is an image map that works similar to a slideshow. One area hilights, then moves on to the next.

Any ideas?

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i haven't seen an imagemap since 2001 :) –  Brad Feb 28 '13 at 4:02
in all seriousness, why not use a div with a sprite graphic for the different states? it would probably be easier to work with –  Brad Feb 28 '13 at 4:05
@Brad - In all seriousness, this image is a CAD rendered floorplate and the 'area' elements I am talking about are Units inside that floorplate. So yeah, sprites not an option. :) –  Sparda Feb 28 '13 at 4:10

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I think this is what you are looking for. For example if you would like to "un-hilight" area1, you could do:


It's similar to what I tried on mahilight's example page: http://davidlynch.org/projects/maphilight/docs/demo_simple.html. Once you are there try running the following in your console:

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I was also struggling with same issue. What i did is i wrapped image and map element in separate div and then applied maphilight and issue resolved.

<div id='image'> <image src='yourimage' class='mapclass' usemap='#mymap'></div>

and then your <map> tag as follow

<div id='map'> <map name='mymap'> <area></area> </map> </div>

then apply $('.mapclass').maphilight() it will work like a charm

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