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I was going through arch/arm/head.S and found below code


    .long   .
    .long   __turn_mmu_on
    .long   __turn_mmu_on_end

I am not able to understand ".long ."?

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See GNU Assembler Manual: The Special Dot Symbol:

The special symbol '.' refers to the current address that as is assembling into. Thus, the expression 'melvin: .long .' defines melvin to contain its own address. Assigning a value to . is treated the same as a .org directive. Thus, the expression .=.+4' is the same as 4'.

So in your snippet, the current address is placed before the value of the __turn_mmu_on, __turn_mmu_on_end symbols. You see constructs like these a lot in assembler files and linker scripts as they lay out their data structures.

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