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I used #ifdef Win32 for safe calls alike sprintf_s but now I want to build project with MinGW and it's just wrong now. I need to use #ifdef VC++ or somehow like that. Is it possible?

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As an aside, you could just use snprintf() which is a standard function that does the same thing. –  FatalError Feb 28 '13 at 4:32
@FatalError Not in Visual C++, it doesn't; Alas there is only C89 support, and snprintf wasn't guaranteed to exist in C89. There's the similar _snprintf, though IIRC that wasn't renamed to snprintf because that does something subtly different. –  Seb Apr 27 at 21:08

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See the "Microsoft-Specific Predefined Macros" table of Visual C predefined macros

You could check for _MSC_VER.

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#ifdef __GNUC__
/*code for GNU C compiler */
#elif _MSC_VER
/*usually has the version number in _MSC_VER*/
/*code specific to MSVC compiler*/
#elif __BORLANDC__
/*code specific to borland compilers*/
#elif __MINGW32__
/*code specific to mingw compilers*/
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See the Predef project for an extensive list of preprocessor macros regarding standards, compilers, libraries, operating systems and architectures.

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Nice. Never heard of that link before, thanks for posting it. –  Ron Burk Feb 28 '13 at 5:02

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