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I inserted the documents into a particular database in mongoDB. for example


now i wnat to retrive the documents whose name ending with character 'i'.

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You can do this with regex. –  Ionică Bizău Feb 28 '13 at 4:55

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In Javascript shell, use $regex operator

db.employee.find({name: {$regex: "i$"}})
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+1 You can add find(...).pretty() for a better arrangement. –  Ionică Bizău Feb 28 '13 at 5:04
its easy using $regix db.employee.find({name:/i$/}) if i want to find the name starting with i use db.employee.find({name:/^i/}) –  Nithin K Anil Feb 28 '13 at 6:04
With ^ you can have the advantage of your indexes, and thats why $regex is worth using in such cases. A suggestion you might want to consider, avoid adding features like "name ending with char" since they eat up unnecessary RAM and isn't scalable. –  Sushant Gupta Feb 28 '13 at 8:57

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