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I want to implement a SEO friendly URL for my ASP.NET MVC website.

Currently i have a URL like:


but now i want to rewrite my URL like:


So please anybody can help me on above...

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Please try with below solution. In global.asax.cs

    new { controller = "Product", action = "Index" },
    new { productName = UrlParameter.Optional  }

But you required to maintain uniqueness in productName and fetch record by that in index action of product controller (i.e in product Controller:

public ActionResult index(string productName)
     //do something regarding get product by productname
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You can add a Route to your MVC routing engine in this fashion -

In Global.asax.cs

    new { controller = "Product", action = "Index" },
    new { productId = UrlParameter.Optional , productName = UrlParameter.Optional  }

This will allow you to have URL like


The reason you may or may not be able to achieve


is that productname isn't an identifier and cannot be used to lookup a record uniquely. You would need an identifier in the url.

Ex - look at the URL for this question in SO, it has the ID and then appends SEO friendly test.

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deliveron.com/blog/post/… –  DotNet Dreamer Apr 6 '14 at 10:18

This is the best article. I have followed this too; SEO Friendly URls
The article also explain how to remove the whitespaces.

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Create a new route in the Global.asax to handle this:

        "productId",                  // Route name
        "productId/{id}/{name}",      // URL with parameters
        new { controller = "Home", action = "productId", id = 1234, name = widget }  // Parameter defaults

Asp.Net MVC has routing built in, so no need for the Url Rewriter.

more details here

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