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I am using Express with Node and I have a requirement in which the user can request the URL as: http://myhost/fruit/apple/red.

Such a request will return a JSON response.

The JSON data, before the above call looks like:

    "fruit": {
        "apple": "foo"

With the above request, the response JSON data should be:

    "apple": "foo",
    "color": "red"

I have configured express to route as follows:

app.get('/fruit/:fruitName/:fruitColor', function(request, response) {
    /*return the response JSON data as above using request.params.fruitName and 
request.params.fruitColor to fetch the fruit apple and update its color to red*/

But this does not work. I am unsure of how to pass multiple parameters, that is, I am unsure if /fruit/:fruitName/:fruitColor is the correct way to do this. Is it?

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app.get('/fruit/:fruitName/:fruitColor', function(req, res) {
    var data = {
        "fruit": {
            "apple": req.params.fruitName,
            "color": req.params.fruitColor


If that doesn't work, try using console.log(req.params) to see what it is giving you.

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