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I am looking for a regular expression that matches a specific string which has at least two capitalized letter in perl. I am totally stuck any pointers in solving this will be appreciated.

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any efforts did you apply? – Krishnachandra Sharma Feb 28 '13 at 6:25
@Krishna: That won't match AaaaaB. – Blender Feb 28 '13 at 6:27
Yes. Making changes. – Krishnachandra Sharma Feb 28 '13 at 6:30
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Why stick to only ASCII letters?

This will match on two uppercase letters in any language using Unicode character properties.


\p{Lu} is a Unicode character property that matches an uppercase letter that has a lowercase variant

See also the perlretut: More on characters, strings, and character classes

A little test:

my @input = ("foobar", "Foobar", "FooBar", "FÖobar", "fÖobÁr");

foreach my $item (@input) {
    if ($item =~ /\p{Lu}.*\p{Lu}/) {
        print $item . " has at least 2 uppercase!\n"
    } else {
        print $item . " has less than 2 uppercase!\n"


foobar has less than 2 uppercase!
Foobar has less than 2 uppercase!
FooBar has at least 2 uppercase!
FÖobar has at least 2 uppercase!
fÖobÁr has at least 2 uppercase!

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Try using this:


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Dont know exactly what you need:

perl -lane 'for(@F){if(/[A-Z]/){$count++ for m/[A-Z]/g}if($count >=2){print $_};$count=0}'

tested below

> echo "ABC DEf Ghi" | perl -lane 'for(@F){if(/[A-Z]/){$count++ for m/[A-Z]/g}if($count >=2){print $_};$count=0}'
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