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Those of us who use multiple languages to solve problems can combine them in a lot of ways. Personally I use PL/SQL, XSLT, JavaScript, and Java plus the pseudo languages HTML, XML, CSS, Ant, and Bash. What do you use?

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Paraphrasing one of my favorite quotes:

Always write your code as if it were going to be maintained by a homicidal maniac that knows your home address.

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I have a D/MySQL/JavaScript[1]/HTML/CPP[2] app.

[1] compile time D template generated [2] C pre-processor used to generate apache configs and SQL sprocs

Yes, I am trying to take things to the insane! ;)

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I work on a desktop application, so my alphabet soup looks like: C# and C++ as well as XML and T-SQL.

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Java + Clojure works very well as a combination for me.

  • Java is good for the low level code that needs to be well optimized. It also gives you access to the huge array of libraries in the Java ecosystem.

  • Clojure is great for rapid development of higher level code, working interactively in a REPL. It has great support for meta-programming and concurrency, and I often use Clojure to "glue together" Java based components into a working application.

It helps enormously that Java and Clojure run in the same JVM - calling between the two is very easy and has effectively zero performance overhead.

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