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I want to show poshytips when I mouseover elements in a class, but only if they meet the conditions specified in the content function. If not, I do not want an empty bubble to appear.

            slide: false, 
            followCursor: true, 
            alignTo: 'cursor', 
            showTimeout: 0, 
            hideTimeout: 0, 
            alignX: 'center', 
            alignY: 'inner-bottom', 
            className: 'tip-ihme',
            offsetY: 10,
            content: function() {
                if(>25 & sbar.settings.stackBy == 'region') {
            liveEvents: true

However, a small (empty) bubble still shows when I mouseover the elements who do not meet this specification (ie,<25). Is there a way to filter out the selection in the jquery call? I tried array style filtering:

  $('[class~="label"]').filter(function(d) { return>25}).poshytip(....


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Try this:

           // your code
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I want to implement the conditions specified in the content function; ie, if something does not meet the specification, no bubble appears: I hope the edit above clarifies – mike Feb 28 '13 at 7:37
I changed my answer according to your requirement. – Rohan Kumar Feb 28 '13 at 7:53

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