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I'm trying to create a runtime component which supports windows phone 8. Brief Description of the Program is as :

  1. Application (C#) is going to fill some data in ref struct A
  2. It will call init API of ref class VVoiP with object of ref struct A.
  3. Ref class VVoip needs to have a array of objects of class B, so that it can have multiple instances.

C # Code :

using TestWRC;
namespace TestPrj
    public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage
        // Constructor
        public MainPage()
            VVoIP v1 = new VVoIP();
            A a1 = new A();
            a1.a = 10;

C++ Code :

    namespace TestWRC
    public ref struct A sealed
        property int a;

    struct B {
        A^ A_obj;

    public ref class VVoIP sealed
        B array[3];   /* Array of object to have multiple instance */

        void init(A a1);

using namespace TestWRC;
    void VVoIP::init(A a1)
    array[0].A_obj->a = a1.a;  /* Filling local array with initialized data*/

the following errors coming from the above code:

error C3992: 'init':signature of public member contains invalid type 'TestWRC::A'

I am new to Windows phone 8, would somebody please say me what is this error, and how to rectify this. Thanks in advance.

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Your public signature needs to specify that this is a Windows Runtime reference counted object, so you need to declare with the hat (^) syntax.

void init(A^ a1);
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