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Obj: To extract the text from the anchor tag inside all li in 'models' and put it in a csv.

I'm trying this code :

with open('Sprint_data.csv', 'ab') as csvfile:

  spamwriter = csv.writer(csvfile)
  models = soup.find_all('li' , {"class" : "phoneListing"})

  for model in models:

      model_name = unicode(u' '.join(model.a.stripped_strings)).encode('utf8').strip()
      spamwriter.writerow(unicode(u' '.join(model.a.stripped_strings)).encode('utf8').strip())

Its working fine except each cell in the csv contains only one character.

Like this :

| S | A | M | S | U | N | G |

Instead of:


Of course I'm missing something. But what? Much thanks for you help.

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writerow accepts a sequence. You're giving it a single string, so it's treating that as a sequence, and strings act like sequences of characters.

What else do you want in this row? Nothing? If so, make it a list of one item:

spamwriter.writerow([u' '.join(model.a.stripped_strings).encode('utf8').strip()])

(By the way, the unicode() call is completely unnecessary since you're already joining with a unicode delimiter.)

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Wow! Elegant. Thanks Eevee :) –  user1644142 Feb 28 '13 at 7:25
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