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What's the recommended way of sending message from a worker process to another randomly selected (worker or master) process? One approach that I can think of is using Pipes, but since it can only create a pipe between two selected processes, I need to create a pipe for each process pair. This doesn't seem so practical. What I want is to create a complete graph between processes and select one of the pipes randomly.

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Pipes are useful when process relation are parent/child. Otherwise use shared-memory. If message is just an signal to some event then use Linux signals. Which IPC you uses, Depends on your need! –  Grijesh Chauhan Feb 28 '13 at 7:13

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You could use Queue in order to communicate among your processes by maintaining some convention in your queue.Your could find the details on using Queue here.

P.S :- As mentioned here Queues are thread and process safe.

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