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I used library to display large tiled image. Everything is working fine. Only problem is that, I want to zoom only particular part which I touched(pinch-to-zoom as in Google map). Now, its always display tiles from beginning for all zoom levels irrespective of where I touched. Sometimes, it takes me near where I want to zoom but its not perfect as sometimes it takes me to different part. Following code does moving logic

mScroller.startScroll(getScrollX(), getScrollY(), newOffsetX, newOffsetY);

First 2 parameters indicate start scroll offset and last 2 indicates destination points to where scroll ends. I tried different combinations for last 2 parameters but ran out of luck.

If it's a ImageView, I would have done

canvas.translate(x, y);

to Zoom particular part but unfortunately its not ImageView. Even though I applied ImageView zoom logic as in to tile Zoom but had no luck.

Suggestions or clues are greatly appreciated.


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my 50 reputation is gng waste :( – Braj Mar 11 '13 at 10:21
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Got a very nice library for custom mapView with almost all the features of google map. Its here.

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