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I have a question,how to make url shortener? for example i have this url "localhost/public/action/1" become like this "/action/1"

I've watched how to make url shortener from Jeffery Way,but I'd like to make url shortener without using database,but get url as the parameter for the shortened url.Thanks in advance

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do you want to work it in your site? try to google URL Rewrite –  Raptor Feb 28 '13 at 7:46
what web server are you using? –  Pineapple Under the Sea Feb 28 '13 at 7:49

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You can make your URLs shorter by pointing your document root directly to your public folder. In nginx you could configure it like:

server {
   listen 80;
   server_name localhost;

   root /path/www/laravel_app/public; #this part



or in Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /path/www/laravel_app/public
ServerName localhost

# Other directives here

This would save you from having public in the URL. If you wanna make it even shorter, add something like this in your hosts file: dev

Then change your server_name to dev which would make URL's like:


EDIT: Are you talking about making an URL http://path/to/a/very/long/exhausting/location to http://shorty/1234?

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You wont need a web shortener. We you put this live, Laravel will exist in your 'public' folder, which will be your domain.

So your links will automatically become www.example.com/action/1

Your only seeing localhost/public because of your local server settings. Depending upon which web server you are running, you could change this, but it wont affect your coding or deployment.

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