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When I searched for Datatables Tag Lib, I came across with two alternatives:

http://tduchateau.github.com/DataTables-taglib/index.html http://datatables4j.github.com/docs/main.changelog.html (Datatables4j announces they are moving to a project called Dandelion.)

Is there anyone who has experience of one of that tag libs? Which one is more robust?


PS. I'm a newbie in Twitter Bootstrap and Spring MVC. While I am planning to write a custom tag for datatables jquery plugin, I came across with above solutions.

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DataTables-taglib was the first project, very basic and very buggy. DataTables4j was much more featured but the project has recently moved to Dandelion.

You can browse the doc here and an example of integration in the new Spring Petclinic app.

Disclaimer, as required by StackOverflow rules: I'm the author of the three projects above.

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