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I have following code to upload a file in cakephp

class UsersController extends AppController {

    var $name = 'Users';

    function index() {
        $this->set('users', $this->User->find('all'));

    function add() {
        if (!empty($this->data)) {
            if ($this->User->save($this->data)) {
                $this->Session->setFlash('Your user data has been saved.');
                $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));
            if ($this->uploads() && $this->User->save($this->data)) {
                $this->Session->setFlash(_('Upload saved', true));
            } else {
                $this->Session->setFlash(_('Upload not saved.Please try again', true));

    function uploads() {
        $uploads_dir = '/uploads';
        $users = $this->request->data['Upload']['file'];
        if ($users['error'] === UPLOAD_ERR_OK) {
            if (move_uploaded_file($users['User']['file'], $uploads_dir)) {
                return true;
        return false;

    function edit($id = null) {
        $this->User->id = $id;
        if (empty($this->data)) {
            $this->data = $this->User->read();
        } else {
            if ($this->User->save($this->data)) {
                $this->Session->setFlash('Your user details has been updated.');
                $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));

     function delete($id) {
      $this->Session->setFlash('This user has been deleted.');
      $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));

When I'm trying to upload, the file is uplaoding but I need the file uploaded to be viewed when the hyperlink given for each .jpeg to be displayed but I'm getting the error as

" The requested address '/Users/app/webroot/index.php/uploads' was not found on this server."

Also please help me how to store the uploaded image in another folder

PS:: code should b purely in CakePHP

Please help, Thanks in advance

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Make sure the folder used for uploading files have sufficient permissions and you can use Cakephp Media view to download files. For your reference,check this. Downloading files using media view cakephp

Use image name or image id as an argument in function download and change path to 'path' => APP . 'uploads' . DS

"uploads" folder should be inside webroot directory.

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Thank u for the help @ammu – user2110147 Mar 1 '13 at 4:42

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