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We are working on a "themable" application where application itself is free and themes are payable (or free). This is our first market application and would like to ask what could be good approach to design and upload app/themes to market: 1. we want one app and multiple themes 2. market search to return themes as results

If this is already supported by Google Play then all good. Problem solved (kind of).

Otherwise we need to come up with some solution, like have different app for each theme? But then user will have multiple apps - we don't like that.

Themes are rather large (up to 50MB or above) so we will most likely use "extensions file" feature or something "in-house" provided. We would like to avoid "internet" permission, but I guess this is not an option (how do users feel about app requiring internet permission?). We don't want to leave "theme copies" laying around (i.e. extension files must not be deleted), but also using them directly is not an option as themes must be "private to app" and gather in one place where application can find them.

We know that these questions are not all related to Google Play alone, but with your ideas we would like to implement things to work as required.

General idea is to: 1. Theme#1 => Install app => add theme file (transparently to the user) to "themes location" 2. Theme#2 => Install app (in a way it updates already installed one?) => add theme file to "themes location" ...

Something along these lines... if doable. Any ideas if you please?


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what kind of themes are you talking about? themes for your own application so the user can change it's interface or something else? –  hardartcore Feb 28 '13 at 8:28
I said themes because I thought it will be easier to explain. Let's say themes == multimedia packages. User will have a choise to switch between downloaded "themes/multimedia packages". I guess one can also think of an app interface changing theme. –  hpet Feb 28 '13 at 8:33
so basically you want to somehow to let user download some resources over internet for example and to be able to apply these themes/medias in your application? is that correct? –  hardartcore Feb 28 '13 at 8:37
Sounds correct. These additional resources might be free or payed, and we would like somehow that these optional resources are well displayed in store search results - like resources are displayed rather than app. I see that developers usually have "different app" for each "theme" - but we don't want to bundle theme into an app and also don't want to overwrite already downloaded theme. We would like to use Google Play for everything - would like to avoid some in-house "post-install" downloads, etc. –  hpet Feb 28 '13 at 8:55

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