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I have an application, that takes a path of a file from the database and renders it to html and displays. The controller, view and routes look like the following:


<p><%= link_to project.title,{:controller => "markdowns" , :action => 'view',       :github_link=>project.github_link},:target=>"_blank"%></p>


class MarkdownsController < ApplicationController
  def view
    @markdown=MarkdownsHelper.markdown path

  def path
    File.open(Rails.public_path.to_s+params[:github_link].to_s, "rb").read

MarkdownsHelper.markdown method in the above controller renders the .md.


<%=raw @markdown %>


resources :projects
match '/GitRepos/'=>'markdowns#view'

The problem:

The link that is being displayed after clicking on the title in the prokects/index is localhost:3000/GitRepos?github_link=%2FGitRepos%2Fbootstrap%2FREADME.md

But I want the link to be displayed as localhost:3000/GitRepos/bootstrap/Readme.md

where bootstrap is Project.title and Readme.md is the file that is being read. Also, my Project database has a github_link attribute which stores GitRepos/bootstrap/Readme.md


The link will change according to the project. The Project model has these attributes-> title and github_link. So there are many projects and github_link stores the path addresses of Readme.md file of each project located in the local system.

My Approach

Here is the solution which I have, with my minimal knowledge in Ruby on Rails. Please let me know if can improve on this.


    <p><%= link_to project.title,{:controller => "markdowns" , :action => 'view',:title=>project.git_name,:id=>project.git_file},:target=>"_blank" %></p>


    match 'GitRepos/:title/:id' =>'markdowns#view'
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Is this link constant or will it change ? If yes than which part of the url? –  My God Feb 28 '13 at 8:51
I just edited the question. Check in the heading Model . Thanks :) –  RaD0 Feb 28 '13 at 8:55
try to have the link as: match '/GitRepos'=>'GitRepos/bootstrap/Readme.md' –  My God Feb 28 '13 at 8:56
It doesn't work that way. It will look for a controller that is being matched to, in this case 'GitRepos/bootstrap/Readme.md' Where as GitRepos/bootstrap/Readme.md is a path address on the local computer –  RaD0 Feb 28 '13 at 8:58

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match '/GitRepos/:github_link'=>'markdowns#view'
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That does not go to Markdown controller. It directly goes to local computer location. –  RaD0 Feb 28 '13 at 10:16

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