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I have to develop a front end in Swing.I have a JFrame in Netbeans with 3 panes in it.

  • JScrollPane 1:it contains a JTable
  • JScrollPane 2: It should display the value of the fields of the selected row
  • ListPane : which contains the list of tables from which a user chooses a table to be displayed.

Now since the content of JTable varies(the no of rows and columns also vary) dynamically based on the table chosen by user I can't drag and drop the TextBoxes in the 3rd scroll pane to display the selected row's values.It would be helpful if anybody can suggest a way to do it or any pointers to problems that deal with similar issue

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Add a ListSelectionListener to your JList. When a particular table is selected from the list, use setModel() to change the TableModel of your JTable to one that is correct for the chosen table. A related example using setModel() is shown here.

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is it possible to do it in a simpler way??i found this to be useful. so that i have to create as many textboxes as the columncount that is selected and display the respective values. –  user2083089 Feb 28 '13 at 12:52
Not that I know. A ListSelectionListener works on a JTable, for example. –  trashgod Feb 28 '13 at 13:13

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