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I'd like to use a simple Perl script to make some configurations every time I connect e.g. my bluetooth headset. I tried using Net::DBus, but my OS/DE (Fedora 17, GNOME3) doesn't use HAL anymore.

I really don't want to install HAL just for this, so what do I do? My ideas so far:

  • (Preferred): Use DBus; simply listen to UDev events instead of org.freedesktop.Hal. Problem: I cannot find the corresponding service, org.freedesktop.UDisks only seems to monitor disks (duh). Does UDev even send DBus messages for other devices and if not, can I configure it to do so?
  • Use an UDev rule to trigger another script. I like to have my scripts in one place for easy transition to new OS installs, so I'd rather avoid that.
  • Am I better off just using Python to listen directly to UDev?
  • Or can I use Perl to do just that? A CPAN search for "udev" didn't yield anything helpful.

Or I may be completely off and UDev isn't even what I need. Neither the docs nor Google were really helpful regarding that matter. A workaround would be if anyone knows how to get GNOME3 to switch audio output to a newly connected bluetooth headset per default, but I'd like to learn scripting stuff like that anyway.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

PS: By the way, Google&Co. claim that UDev gets the devices and sends a message to HAL, which in turn notifies DBus. That is most definitely not the case since HAL isn't even in the Fedora Repos aymore.

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Did you checked Device::USB?


You could use it check for your device in a loop.

It contains examples to start with: https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/Device-USB/dump_usb.pl


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Thanks for the tip. Finally got Device::USB installed, though it just throws segmentation faults at me. If I got it to work, would that actually catch all devices? Or just USB devices? –  von Bregelsaum Mar 1 '13 at 8:32
I think, it will catch USB only. Sorry, I thought your device is USB. –  user1126070 Mar 1 '13 at 13:17

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