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I'm using JSF 2.0, jQuery 1.8.2 and jQueryMobile 1.2.0

I have two selectmenus, where source values of the second menu depends on selection of first selectmenu (values are loaded by backing bean function). My problem is I can't correctly update the second selectmenu when I choose option in first selectmenu.

<h:form id="testForm" prependId="false">
 <h:selectOneMenu id="testValues" value="#{model.testValue}" >
                itemValue="#{object.value}" />
            <f:ajax render="testValues2" onevent="initForm"/>
 <h:selectOneMenu id="testValues2" value="#{model.testValue2}">
                itemValue="#{object2.value}" />
<script type="text/javascript">
  function initForm(){


When I do that, testValues2 menu is not created correcty. Something: like that:

<div class="ui-select"> <!-- menuselect before update... -->
     <div>...</div> <!-- here is selected option from testValues2 before update -->
    <div class="ui-select">...</div> <!-- menu with updated values-->

It's obvious that I want to display correctly only menu after updating. I tried to refresh second selectmenu by:




but it didn't help (I had error: Error: cannot call methods on selectmenu prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'refresh')

Also I can't render all form by <f:ajax render=":testForm" /> because I have on the form other fields which I don't want to refresh.

Please help.

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Perhaps this is related to this problem I found in PrimeFaces Mobile –  perissf Feb 28 '13 at 9:28
Your onevent handler is at least strange. Are you aware that <f:ajax onevent> is merely a listener method which is invoked 3 times during an ajax request? I'm not exactly sure what $("#testForm").trigger('create'); does, but are you absolutely sure that it needs to be invoked all those times? –  BalusC Feb 28 '13 at 12:16

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