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I have a time-series containing 900 entries, stored in a 900x2 matrix (first column are datenumbers converted from excel e.g. 732994 to represent 13-nov-2006, second column is the reading at each day) I would like to plot them out with the years marked out on the x-axis, using the datestr function.

here is my code segment.

x=num2str(x); %converts datenumbers from int to string

when i run this code, i get the error: Error using datetick Too many output arguments.

I have tried running plot(datetick('x','yyyy'),newsgdata(:,2)) but the same error keeps popping up.

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Just remove dateline= from the third line of your code. – H.Muster Feb 28 '13 at 9:53
thank you, that helps it to work. However, how do I plot the graph out? plot(newsgdata(:,2)) does not display the dates. – user2118915 Feb 28 '13 at 11:41
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First, plot vs the datenum directly:

plot(newsgdata(:,1), newsgdata(:,2));

Then, use datetick to convert the labels from datenums to strings.

datetick('x', 'yyyy')
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