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Sample Bottle.py code:

def show(name):
   return ''

My question is:

  1. Given a URL, how do we get the view function? E.g. the URL is /show_magic, I need to know the show() function is responsible for this request URL

  2. Given a route (not Router!!) and parameters, how to get the URL? e.g. I need a function called reverse which reverse(default_app().routes[0], name='me') == '/show_me'

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For your first question, use Bottle.match. Given a path (i.e. '/show_magic') and the method (GET or POST or whatever), the following will return a tuple containing a Route object and its parameters:

default_app().match({'PATH_INFO': path, 'REQUEST_METHOD': method})

The function called is the Route object's callback or call attribute.

For your second question, use the router's build method with the route's rule and kwargs:

default_app().router.build(route.rule, name='me')

That doesn't seem to be documented, but it works.

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thanks, looked at your code and bottle source code, it really does the trick. –  est Feb 28 '13 at 13:27

you might want to consider named routes

@route('/show_<item_name>', name='item_show')
def show(item_name):
   return ''

now given the route name and params how to get the URL? we use get_url

get_url('item_show', item_name='my_item')


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