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I'm using Zend Framework 1.x to developer my Web Application. I want to create "Login by Yahoo! account" function. These options below are what I tried:

  1. Using Yahoo! Socical API Client, but with PHP 5.3, it usually catch error "strict standards" about static and non-static, object and non-object methods.
  2. I tried another way, using Zend_OAuth. But, this time, I got consumer_key_rejected error.

Both ways, I used OAuth to get user info. Please help me to solve this problem or show me other ways to create "Login by Yahoo! account" function.


EDIT: With the second ways, if I just want to get basic user profile (Email, Name, Gender) it got consumer_key_rejected. When I register for new scope (Contacts), I got oauth_token and oauth_verifer, but I stayed there, I don't know how to do next step to get user info.

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