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I have installed HazelCast 2.5. I want to persist my records into disk. I learned that MapStore does this job. However i'm not sure how to implement MapStore.

Code i've written so far:

    public class MyMaps implements MapStore<String,String> {

public static Map<Integer, String> mapCustomers = Hazelcast.getMap("customers");

public static void main(String[] args) {
    mapCustomers.put(1, "Ram");
    mapCustomers.put(2, "David");
    mapCustomers.put(3, "Arun");



How do i put all these entries into disk.

Is it necessary to have a back-end like MySQL or PostgreSQL to use this class?

I believe the following function can be used:

public void delete(String arg0);
public void deleteAll(String arg0);
public void store(String arg0);
public void storeAll(String arg0);

I need a sample snippet of how to implement MapStore.

Please provide me with sample code.

Please Help.!!

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In following links you can find example map store implementations (fro SimpleDB and HBase).

Yes, you should have a centralized datastore and your MapStore implementation will connect and operate on.

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Thanks a lot .! – Hazel_arun Mar 2 '13 at 16:26

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