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I'm trying to read data from an Advantage Database with Advantage .Net Data Provider. When I execute my app, I have the following error :

"Error 5175 the index was created with a different collation sequence"

A way to fix it is to open the table with Advantage Data Architect and reindex or delete the index file (.adi) but I can't do this because the database is used by an accounting software (Sage BOB 50) and if I reindex or delete the index, the software is unable to access the data anymore.

Any ideas?

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The collation your connection will use depends on the way you are connecting to the server. (See also Advantage Database Index Collation Sequence).

In order to avoid the 5175 error you should use the same connection method that the accounting software uses.

If it uses ALS you can copy the adslocal.cfg config file over to your application. If it uses ADS you should make sure that you connect to the same database server that the accounting software does.

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The accounting software uses ALS to connect the database, I copied the adslocal.cfg file that was next to the accounting software to my application but that does not solve my problem. Am I doing something wrong? – Azzedine Hassaini Feb 28 '13 at 14:50
Where is the Advantage .Net provider / adsloc32.dll being pulled from? You will want to place the adslocal.cfg into this folder. Might try using processmon to determine where it's trying to pull the adslocal.cfg – Edgar Feb 28 '13 at 16:00

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