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with bar style as BlackOpaque my people picker looks like: enter image description here

but when I want the barStyle to be BlackTranslucent, it looks like this: enter image description here

I have tried solution from here


- (void)showPeoplePickerController
    ABPeoplePickerNavigationController *picker = [[ABPeoplePickerNavigationController alloc] init];
picker.peoplePickerDelegate = self;

NSArray *displayedItems = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:[NSNumber numberWithInt:kABPersonPhoneProperty],
                           [NSNumber numberWithInt:kABPersonEmailProperty],
                           [NSNumber numberWithInt:kABPersonBirthdayProperty],[NSNumber numberWithInt:kABPersonAddressProperty],nil];

picker.displayedProperties = displayedItems;
picker.navigationBar.barStyle = UIBarStyleBlack;

//  picker.navigationBar.translucent = YES; //uncommented for translucent bar

[self.navigationController presentModalViewController:picker animated:YES];


But how do I shift things from PeoplePicker down?

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Share some code...how you add ABPeoplePickerNavigationController navigation barStyle... –  Vishal Feb 28 '13 at 10:47
@Vishal: please see my edit –  Nikita P Feb 28 '13 at 11:02

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OK In place of this:

[self.navigationController presentModalViewController:picker animated:YES];

Display your ABPeoplePickerNavigationController like below:

[self.navigationController presentViewController:picker animated:YES completion:nil];

And for bar color check this line: picker.navigationBar.tintColor=[UIColor blackColor];

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i don't think this is the solution to the problem I am facing. on iOS4.2, tintcolor will not work, and presentviewcontroller works on iOS6, but how to solve the issue that on translucent bar, the tableview goes up? –  Nikita P Feb 28 '13 at 11:17

Why are you using a translucent navigation bar in the first place? The people picker view controller isn't meant to be used with a translucent navigation bar.

If you have a good reason to do so, you'd need to do some hacking to get the content to be displayed correctly:
You have to modify the contentInset property of the displayed table view so that the content starts below the navigation bar.

BUT: There's no way to access the displayed table view, sorry.

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