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Was looking online for a method to calculate VAT, but can't seem to find it.

decimal subTotal = FinalInvoice.Hold_Back_Value;
decimal VAT = //calculate vat at 20% for subtotal using helper method
decimal TOTAL = subtotal + VAT;
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Simple percentage calculation.

public decimal CalculateVat(decimal value)
  return (value / 100) * 20;
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decimal subTotal = FinalInvoice.Hold_Back_Value;
decimal vat  = 1.2;
decimal Total = vat * subTotal;
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I'd suggest you to add the 20% to the net by plain math:

decimal vat = 0.2;
decimal tot = net * (1 + vat);
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You just need to multiply by 20% (expressed as a fraction):

decimal vat = subTotal * 0.2;
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