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I have a problem with passing my 2D string array from one activity to another activity I tried some codes...but they show some errors

My string array is:

String[][] commuterDetails=new String[2][5];

   { "a", "b","c", "d","e" },
   {"f", "g","h", "i","j" }

And I tried some codes

In first Activity

Intent summaryIntent = new Intent(this, Second.class);
Bundle b=new Bundle();
b.putSerializable("Array", commuterDetails);

In second activity

Bundle b = getIntent().getExtras();
String[][] list_array = (String[][])b.getSerializable("Array");

But it showing error

Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object;

I am new in android, please help me

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make your commuterDetails static and access in other activity like this


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i will check.... – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 10:39
i cant access this FirstActivity.commuterDetails[][]; it showing change to static, but i have one problem ,the size of this array is allocated from another function. but i can access the array element from the method that i wrote intent and bundle – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 10:44
Hi Mudassar Shaheen...if you can understand my problem please reply – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 11:02
i cant understand but i have another solution. extend your second activity with first like SecondActivity extends FirstActivity then you can directly acces your array in second activity by using its name only – Mudassar Shaheen Feb 28 '13 at 11:05
did you follow my point? – Mudassar Shaheen Feb 28 '13 at 11:17

You may define a custom class which implements Parcelable and contains logic to read and write 2-dimensional-array from/to Parcel. Afterwards, put that parcelable object inside Bundle for transportation.


public class MyParcelable implements Parcelable{

public String[][] strings;

public String[][] getStrings() {
    return strings;

public void setStrings(String[][] strings) {
    this.strings = strings;

public MyParcelable() {
    strings = new String[1][1];

public MyParcelable(Parcel in) {
    strings = (String[][]) in.readSerializable();

public int describeContents() {
    return 0;

public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {

public static final Parcelable.Creator<MyParcelable> CREATOR = new Parcelable.Creator<MyParcelable>() {

    public MyParcelable createFromParcel(Parcel in) {
        return new MyParcelable(in);

    public MyParcelable[] newArray(int size) {
        return new MyParcelable[size];
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HI Kapil Vats can you show me one example? – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 11:01
Nobody knows this answer????? – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 11:21
thanx Kapil Vats – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 11:41
Hi Kapil Vats , i cant upvote your answer, bbecause my reputation is less than 15.. if i get this reputation .. i wil sure vote u – SibinF Feb 28 '13 at 11:42

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