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I have the following query

INSERT INTO `min01_aggregated_data_800` (`datenum`,`Timestamp`,`QFlag_R6_WYaw`)  VALUES ('734970.002777778','2012-04-11 00:04:00.000','989898') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `datenum`=VALUES(`datenum`);
INSERT INTO `min01_aggregated_data_100` (`datenum`,`Timestamp`,`QFlag_R6_WYaw`)  VALUES ('734970.002777778','2012-04-11 00:04:00.000','989898') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `datenum`=VALUES(`datenum`);
INSERT INTO `min01_aggregated_data_300` (`datenum`,`Timestamp`,`QFlag_R6_WYaw`)  VALUES ('734970.002777778','2012-04-11 00:04:00.000','989898') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `datenum`=VALUES(`datenum`);

I'm using the mysql.connector package to insert the data to the MySQL

self.db = mysql.connector.Connect( host = self.m_host, user = self.m_user, password = self.m_passwd, \
        database = self.m_db, port = int( self.m_port ) )
self.con = self.db.cursor( cursor )

self.con.execute( query ) 

But I'm getting the following error Use multi=True when executing multiple statements

I tried to use the multi=True in this case I'm not getting any exception, but the data won't be inserted to the MySQL. How can I insert multiple rows?

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user for loop over the rows and in the for loop do self.con.execute( query ) where query is an insert query for 1 row – avasal Feb 28 '13 at 10:53

I see three options:

  1. Send every query to the DB separately:

  2. [removed as it didn't apply here]

  3. I am not very familiar with this multi=True, however; it might be possible that there is a solution which calls the self.con.nextset() repeatedly. According to the doc, this is only for multiple result sets, but perhaps it is needed on a multi-query request as well.

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The second solution is not good for me, because I'm inserting to different table. – OHLÁLÁ Feb 28 '13 at 11:51
@iUngi Ouch, didn't see this. Edited. – glglgl Feb 28 '13 at 11:53

You have three separate queries, so each one should be run separately, i.e:

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