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I have such situation. I try to open a window with window.open function new window was opened in a front of main window, how can i open it in background of main window, without focus on new. Is it possible to do such thing?

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What you seek is called a "pop-under" window

However, it's not a guarantee as user browser settings may override this behavior, especially pop-up blockers.

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Try using the Following

window.open("http://localhost/123", '_blank');
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DOES NOT WORK.! –  Muhammad Umer Apr 17 at 16:43

No you cant open window behind the main window. if you are using window.open() then it will be top of the main window. that's how the pop up windows works.
alternatively you can do this

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Ok, maybe there are some other ways to open new window in background, without window.open() function –  Anton Sementsov Feb 28 '13 at 10:59

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